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Steps to Use Google Sheets As an Amazon Price Tracker

Prices of distinct items may possibly keep changing every day on Amazon. With the aid of just one Google Spreadsheet, then you are going to have the ability to hold a track of all these price changes together with your own email address. All one must do is put in the links of those concerned services and products over the Google Spreadsheet and place up it and you are done. Let Us Examine the measures beneath –

From there, Beneath the Insert Credentials segment, Select the Manage Your Own Credentials alternative.

Copying Your Cost Tracker Spreadsheet in your own Google Account- Do not forget to continue to keep the design of this spreadsheet same as in the event that you change it out today, it may violate the purchase price . Subsequent to the tracker is uploaded, then install the Amazon connection of one’s merchandise from the Column labeled as A. The Amazon connection comprises the 10-digit ASIN code which Google uses to track the changes at price of this specific item. An individual may also observe that the Google dictionary that is likely to soon be utilised to track the values will probably even list other helpful details associated with the merchandise like name of this retailer, information about shipping prices, over all product status, etc..

Placing Cost Limits- that is an optional measure. In the purchase price tracker, you may even install price constraints, meaning whenever a specific reduction on your item is provided, or if the item reaches at a particular price, you are going to find a notification via your own email. In this manner, you’ll find a hand on the item, before someone else. To accomplish that task, only goto column B and also special that the percentage or price that you wish to define.

Setup of Amazon Price Tracker- Within the Google Documents, you need to visit the menu at this Amazon Price Tracker, and from that point that you need to opt for configure. It may arrive at the you need to authorize the Amazon Price tracker script afterwards whilst to join it with an Amazon API and also for impending email alarms. After clicking configure, only enter your Amazon Accessibility ID primary, your main key along with your Amazon email ID, and then you may begin receiving email notifications regular concerning these services and products that you’ve placed in the purchase price tracker. In conclusion the Amazon price tracker can be just a rather practical tool since it may also track the purchase price changes of Kindle eBooks and keep tabs on prices of services and products on country special Amazon internet sites like,,, etc.. This tends to make it a very handy product really.

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